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Penny stock – Good or Bad!


Headline indices does tell us that making money in stock market has become extremely difficult, volatility is at all time high and stock prices are falling, investment are getting wiped off. In this situation one way of making money can be ‘Investing in Penny stocks’. Penny stock are those stock which are priced less than Rs. 10/- a share. There are many such stocks which are out of market analysts’ focus. These stocks come with very high risk. Penny stocks get traded at very low price, have very low market capitalization and are mostly liquid.

Multibagger penny stock for 2022:

After seeing the performance of multibagger stock in 2021, many potential investors are looking forward to such penny stock which could give similar kind of returns in 2022 as well. Penny stock generally requires small amount to invest but may give whopping return to investors.

One such stock is : Vikas Lifecare

There are few experts who believe this stock can give multifold return to investor in 2022. Currently it does not look very attractive on the chart but has the potential to move higher in this year. Currently it is at Rs 5 and may go upto 12 or 13 by end of 2022 or early 2023. This stock may give sharp raise in 2nd half of the year.

Note : Penny stocks comes with very high risk, hence go with small investment and as per your risk appetite.

By Sonal Chouhan

Financial Expert & Investment Advisor

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